Nueva Carta 

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La Trastienda Salad (Murcia) 6,00€

Nordic salad 9,00€

Lettuce, spinach, salmon marinated in dill and cream of blue cheese and walnuts.

Cutlet Croquettes (San Sebastian) 2,00€

Squid Croquettes (Getaria) 2,00€

Tuna Taco (Cartagena) 4,00€

Chistorra Taco (Bilbao) 4,00€

Chicken Rabas (Mexico City) 9,00€

Han-Kao of Prawns(Shangai) 2,50€/unidad

Mussels (Bangkok) 8,00€

Baby Squid 13,00€



Crisper (with a sauce of your choice) € 2.00

Potato wedges

Brutas (with a sauce of your choice) € 2.00

Baby potatoes with skin

Classic (with a sauce of your choice) € 2.00

Stick potatoes


Chipotle (very spicy)

Kimchie (slightly spicy)

Burger (spicy sauce)

Honey and soy

* Extra sauce € 0.50



Salmon Sandwich (Oslo, Norway) € 14.00

Marinated salmon, tartar sauce, lettuce, Genoese pesto, cheddar cheese, and tramezino bread.

Sandwich Costa Da Morte (A Coruña) € 12.00

Smoked pork shoulder, hot pepper, spinach, bechamel, teat cheese, egg and XXL sliced bread.

Sandwich Philly Cheese Steak (Berlin) € 10.00

Long brioche, stewed cheek, pickle, watercress, mushroom, almonds, San Simón cheese.

Mexico Hot Dog (Taxco) € 14.00

Bradworst sausage, avocado, lime, tomato onion, nachos, valentina sauce, brioche bread.



Ricardo Fuentes Burger (Cartagena) € 12.00

Malaga country bread, mayonnaise, wasabi, shitake, red tuna, soy and edamame.

Cheese Strong Burger (London) € 12.00

White bread, oak leaf, mayonnaise, stirlton, bacon, 180gr of matured meat.

Wagyu Burger (Kobe) € 16.00

White bread, spring onion, lettuce, tetilla cheese, piquillo pepper, Wagyu meat.


Cachopo (Air Force) (Asturias) € 23.00

Cod in Tempura and confit piquillo, ratatouille and apple ali olí (San Sebastián) € 9.00

Grilled beef tenderloin with purple potato and meat juice (Galicia) € 22.00

Red Prawn Carpaccio 19,00€

Fresh Pasta 9,00€

Eggplant with cream 9,00€


Apple Strudel (Vienna) € 12.00

Liquid cheese cake (Paris) € 8.50

Peanut Souffle (Lyon) € 8.00

Hot chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream (Washington) € 9.00


Chocolate € 4.00
Asian € 4.00
Tangerine with passion fruit € 4.00
Macadamia nougat € 4.00
Vanilla and toffee € 4.00
Lemon and mint € 4.00
Dulce de leche € 4.00

Violet € 4.00
Roasted apple with Normandy cider € 4.00



* Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 Establishment with information available on allergies and food intolerances.
Request information from our staff.

Bread and Breadsticks 1,50 €
Breadsticks 0,75 €

Prices with VAT *


In accordance with the provisions of REGULATION (EU) No. 1169/2011 on food information provided to consumers, we inform our customers that the products included in the menu may contain allergens or traces thereof. For more information consult our staff.